My current research interests involve theories of political legitimacy, political realism, philosophical methodology and conceptual engineering/conceptual ethics. My areas of specialisation are political philosophy, moral philosophy and applied ethics. My areas of competence are, philosophy language, moral psychology and conceptual engineering/conceptual ethics.



“The Irrevocability of Capital Punishment and Active Voluntary Euthanasia”, Journal of Applied Philosophy, 2020 (Open Access)

Book review of Political Pluralism, Disagreement and Justice: The Case for Polycentric Democracy by Julian Muller, Journal of Applied Philosophy, 2021 (Preprint)

Book review of Minimal Morality: A Multilevel Social Contract Theory by Michael Moehler, Journal of Moral Philosophy, forthcoming (Preprint)

Book review of What is Political Philosophy by Charles Larmore, Journal of Applied Philosophy, forthcoming (Preprint)

In Progress and Under Review

“Reasonable Disagreement and Metalinguistic Negotiation”

“Why the Convergence Conception of Political Liberalism Cannot Achieve Stability” (under review)

“The Instability of the Restrained Domination Conception of Political Realism” (under review)

“The Independence of Political Theory”

“The Dual Convergent Conception of Political Realism”

Public Philosophy

“How should we think about the Irrevocability of Capital Punishment and Euthanasia?”, Justice Everywhere.

PhD Thesis

Disagreement, Concepts and Convergence: A New Theory of Political Realist Legitimacy